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Start Keelboat intake begins now! Here are the dates for 2023

May 25-26 5 spots left
June 17-18 6 spots
July 15-16 4 spots left
August 12-13 4 spots
September 9-10 6 spots

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My Experience, My Passion

My sailing journey began in 2014 when I watched a sailboat cruising along the horizon off the shores of Prince Edward County and thought how incredible life could be for a sailor. I longed for a sense of freedom and relying on my wits and my skill. Fast forward to 2021, I had been sailing in the Bay of Quinte for 7 years on my Catalina 25 and was ready for my next challenge. I embarked on a week long sail training course in the Sea of Cortez that changed my life. I wanted a school of my own, was ready for a bigger boat and was ready to begin my instructor training. We purchased a 2011 Bavaria 36 in Upstate NY in Lake Champlain, sailed her down to the Eerie Canal and brought her home across Lake Ontario. Meanwhile I had completed my Sail Canada instructor training and the rest is history! I believe anyone has what it takes to become a sailor at any point in their life. I am an example of that passion and I want to share that passion with you!



Fantastic experience! I would highly recommend! Evan is a great teacher and personalizes the experience based on how much you want to learn about sailing versus just cruising around. I learned a lot, the lunch was absolutely delicious and we had fun swimming too.


Getting out on the water with Evan ignited my passion for sailing! The experience is tailored for how much you want to learn. The lunch provided was also very tasty and makes for a great date idea.

Kris Kim



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