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Booking Policy

Happy Sailing strongly advises procuring comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected event. You are responsible for ensuring your travel insurance covers you in case of a last minute cancellation or a health related issue while on this course. Happy Sailing takes no responsibility for lost deposits or course fees due to unforseen circumstances. Please read our booking policy below:

Payment Schedule: Initial Deposit:
50% of the course fee, which confirms booking

Remaining 50% of the course fee due 60 days before course date.


Refunds and Cancellations

Happy Sailing works directly with charter companies to provide a sailing vessel for the course. Deposits with these charter companies are non-refundable and therefore non-refundable from the end of Happy Sailing. It is advisable to procure travel insurance to cover the cost of a lost deposit but is not the responsibility of the charter company or Happy Sailing.

Contract cancellation and changes

a) If the participant cancels, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

b) If the participant cancels 59 days or less prior to the start of the original experience, the full fee paid to date will be forfeited.

c) The participant has the option to take out travel insurance to cover any loss of the participant in maintaining the rental if cancelled prior to departure.

Force Majeure

Happy Sailing shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay or failure in performance hereunder resulting from any force majeure event, including, without limitation, acts of God, fire, action of the elements, epidemics, war (declared or undeclared), warlike actions, insurrection, revolution or civil strife, piracy, civil war or hostile action, strikes or differences with labour, acts of the public enemy, federal or state laws, rules and regulations of any governmental authority having or asserting jurisdiction over the premises or of any other group, organisation or informal association (whether or not formally recognised as a government), and any other cause beyond the reasonable control of DYC which makes the continuation of operations impossible.


In the event of a delay or failure in performance based on one of the events described above:

All payments made for the experience will be used as credit towards a future experience. No refunds will be provided.

Happy Sailing will work with the participant to book a new experience of a different vessel on new dates, or both, based on availability. If the parties are unable to book a new course at that time, the participant’s deposit will remain as a credit with Happy Sailing and will never expire.

Happy Sailing shall not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the participants as a result of changes to their course due to a force majeure event.

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